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Enjoy A Free Game On The House
Enjoy A Free Game On The House
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Blackjack Online

Whichever online casino or mobile casino you visit today, you can pretty much guarantee that you will be able to find a healthy selection of Blackjack varieties available. In fact, you can now find more than 40 different types of blackjack in any fully licensed Microgaming powered casino. Playtech, Net Entertainment and Realtime Gaming (RTG) have also developed some exciting blackjack varieties and all of these games are worth checking out if you get the chance.

Blackjack is really easy to learn how to play and this is quite possibly why so many players from New Zealand and Australia enjoy playing. This game is really exciting when playing online because the animations are realistic, the sounds are also realistic and you can play for some really big prizes. You can also now find Live Dealer Casinos which offer ‘real life’ games with actual live dealers.

The rules are fairly straight forward, so once you have learned how to play one version, all of the others should be just as easy to learn. The general aim of the game is to try and make it to 21 points, or as close to 21 points as possible and the other aim is to try and beat the dealer. If you or the dealer ends up with more than 21 points, you will lose the game. This is known as going ‘bust’.

You don’t have to worry about beating any other players because you will only be playing against the dealer (aka banker). The dealer and the player will both start off with two cards and then you must start by simply adding the value your initial cards together. For example a 6 and a J are worth 16 points and an Ace and a 7 are worth 8 or 18 points. This may sound complicated to some of you, but it’s actually pretty straight forward.

An Ace is worth 1 or 11 points. The King, Queen and Jack are all worth 10 points and all of the other cards (10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3 and 2) are worth their face value in points. In other words, the best possible hand would be a 10 and an Ace (10 + 11 = ‘natural blackjack’). If the dealer also happens to have the same amount of points as you at the end of the game, it will end in a tie (which is known as a push) and you will receive your starting stake back.

After you have been dealt those first two cards, you will be presented with a few options. For example you can take one more card, which is known as ‘hit’, or you can ‘stand’ if you are happy with the cards you have. The great thing about playing blackjack online is that you can play in the real money mode and in the free play mode.


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